Lisa Forgey Raby


Snooty Booty Designs


Collection: Sibyl

SAT, SEP 7 @7:00 pm



Although Snooty Booty Designs is in its 4th year of production,  current owner and designer, Lisa Forgey Raby, debuted her first solo collection last September during NYFW.


Lisa holds an Associates Degree in Marketing and Merchandising from Dalton College and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Education Certification in American Montessori from the University of Tennessee.  Without regard to her impressive credentials, Lisa is a creative and her joy lies in designing unique and fashionable clothing for children and teens.


This years collection, Sibyl,  is in memory of her Grandmother who loved fashion and was the reason Lisa choose merchandising as a career.  The collection represents a modern take on vintage clothing  from the 1920s, inspired by photographs of Sibyl taken during her youth and into young adulthood.



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