Laurie Hussey


Artisan Soul


Collection: Sauver Le Corail

REGEN RUNWAY: Sat, Sep 7 @ 4:00 pm


Lifelong dreams do come true if you never give up and work hard.


Laurie Hussey comes from a line of creatives. Her dad was an artist; her mother multi-talented, and her Grandmother an icon of the community where she directed an annual church bazaar that people from all over the United States came to attend!


Like many designers, Laurie started with dolls; at five years old, she began making clothes for her dolls when her mother taught her to sew.  Thoughout her young years, she entered and won many 4H sewing contests.


Laurie launched her brand, Artisan Soul, in August of 2018, showing with over 20 established designers and winning the Designer Showcase Award for Le Reve Magazine's Elite Supermodel Competition.  She went on to show in NYFW in September 2018 and February 2019; this is her 4th show and 3rd NYFW show.


Laurie seeks to honor her father with her participation in The ReGen Runway. He was a true believer in respecting our earth; he subscribed and supported National Geographic throughout his life, instilling that love of Mother Earth in Laurie. Her goal with this collection is to bring awareness of how wasteful humans are and to impact the movement toward regeneration.








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