Laurentiu Dobre


HardCore Fashion


Collection: HardCore Fashion

FRI, SEP 6 @7: 30 pm


When Laurențiu Dobre launched Hardcore Fashion in 2014 his creations were designed for men with a goal to introduce the fashion world to a new norm; his designs are the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics into an ambiguous form. Laurentiu's clothing provides maximum impact at first sight.


"Unisex” took on a cosmic dimension referential to a “future” where everyone would have a shaved head and high-tech gadgetry instead of gender signifiers. HARDCORE FASHION is that mix between quality, innovation, comfort, and unique style.


Edgey. Subversive. Dramatic. Basics with a bite.

Hardcore Fashion is not for the demure traditionalist.


Like a dose of testosterone for your apparel choice. Anything but status quo. The European styling details are pure punch. Solid and adventurous with an eye toward real statement pieces. These are items that will wake up your wardrobe and jettison it into the future. This is androgyny but with a pure masculine slant.



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